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About Akoma

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Akoma is a Bay Area-based cannabis company with an operational dispensary in Vallejo and is actively seeking to expand its offerings by cultivating quality cannabis products for consumers.

The company intends to launch a vertically integrated master facility that will include cultivation, processing, and retail sales of adult-use cannabis through dispensaries and cannabis distributors. The aim of the company is to cultivate high-quality cannabis products at accessible price points for medicinal and recreational consumption, while promoting a holistic approach to wellness for consumers.


The Founder

Hakeem Brown

Hakeem has over 32 years’ experience in marijuana cultivation, with 15 years in commercial growing. He has experience starting and growing businesses.

He is the first Black dispensary owner in Northern California. In 2009, he started L.E.S, growing it from a storefront to a cannabis company with over $100k in sales monthly through strong customer service, marketing, and product quality.


Operations Manager

Ryan Thomas

Ryan is responsible for cultivation operations, setup, hiring, training of gGrow- house assistants and the quality of the product. He has been cultivating and working with cannabis for over 20 years.

Ryan has experience managing large- scale indoor operations, outdoor operations, and cannabis oil manufacturing. In the last 10 years, his focus has been on growing the best indoor cannabis in the bay area. He has maintained product quality while continuing to scale, designing grow rooms using state of the art equipment.


To be a sustainable, nationwide cannabis company, composed of daring people, driven by integrity, while providing quality services. To enhance and expand employment opportunities, respect the environment and improve the life of its community and elevate the consumer experience.


We aspire to lead, legitimize and illuminate the perception of our industry, through our unrelenting commitment to our people, our quality products and service back to the community.

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